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Apr 23, 2014

recently came back from Bali, with an awesome sexperience. went to a pub and got hit on by an american dad. beefy redneck sort of guy. couple of drinks and I was in the cab back to his hotel. he was so kinky, I literally went nuts and gobbled up his manhood. oh well, good things can’t last forever.

Apr 23, 2014

today was a boring day for me. nothing interesting, no hook ups, no cocks. what I would do right now just to get a horny, sweaty, fat, deprived, rough, dominant old uncle screwing me silly in bed. needless to say, I’d do anything to make them satisfied.image

Apr 21, 2014

i just love taxi drivers. they always don’t mind a quickie in exchange for a free ride. and these deprived uncles really drive me crazy, and thus i just had to find out for myself. I boarded a taxi driven by a chinese uncle near his mid 40s with no cash on me, and offered a blowjob instead. didn’t take long for him to agree and soon we’re in a multi-storey carpark with me on my knees sucking him off. and yes, i swallowed.